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Feb 2020
Children’s Mental Health Week 3rd – 9th February 2020

Are you a parent or busy individual trying to juggle multiple balls in the air simultaneously? Work, children, family life, school life, personal and social life and your partner are all part of the balancing act that has become ‘life’ as we know it. It has become incredibly fast paced, hectic and often one struggles to come up for air. When was the last time you remember something joyful and positive in your life? You may be running through the daily motions, but is your mind really fully engaged at all times? Have there been moments in your life where you have felt that you have ‘lost yourself’, possibly after marriage; having children or through a particularly difficult life experience?

Now place all these thoughts and view them through the eyes of your children. Their society today is very different to the one we were brought up in. The pressures our children have to face currently, range from academic to social and peer and are just the stepping-stone towards the impact it may have on their future mental health.Children are very receptive to changes in their environment, and just the smallest modification can lead to a lasting impression. Whether it is trouble in their home environment or difficulties at school and in the playground, these raw feelings, frustrations and emotions will manifest themselves and eventually affect their mental, physical and social behaviours. Over the recent years, academic school entrance assessments alone, ranging from 3+ all the way through to University and job interviews, have increased anxiety levels in both children and parents on an escalating scale.

As parents, we often miss these crucial, initial signs and symptoms until it is brought to our attention or if matters take a serious turn. Even at that point, it is often difficult to comprehend that your child has behaved in that way or struggled with their mental state in silence. Once the reality of the situation has set in, you will then do everything in your power to prioritise your loved one and seek help. You may never put yourself first for self-care (even through your own struggles) but you are automatically programmed to do so for those around you. For children, you may not be able to turn to medication, as there is not always a ‘pill’ to cure all conditions. That is when you will look for ‘alternate’ help. Help in a manner that your child will not even realise that they are receiving any form of treatment. Talking therapy and counselling has been proven to be an effective method of treatment but does not suit everyone. Adults often find it difficult opening up to strangers in this environment, and children fare no better.

We no longer want there to be a stigma associated with receiving help for conditions and situations where conventional medicine is simply not enough. It is now wholly acceptable to complement your emotional and clinical needs in a universal manner. For this reason, we are proud and excited to announce the addition of SonaliBharania, from Enigma Healing to our extensive portfolio of Holistic and Alternative Therapists and Practitioners at Carter Chemist and Consulting Rooms, Northwood.Sonali is a Certified Angel Guide, Crystal Healer and Reiki Master with a wealth of healing powers from the very young to the more mature client.  She has a Level 3 certification in Childcare which provides her the incredible ability to engage with children as young as 2 years old through ‘Crystal Play Therapy’.  Whatever yours or your child’s engrained problem may be, Sonali has the unique gift to source the root of this blocked ‘chakra’ and heal in ways you never knew were possible.

If you or your loved ones can associate with or relate to any of the circumstances mentioned here, then take a moment to evaluate your first step. This may take a few minutes, days or even weeks, but eventually you will identify the need to seek help.

Once you are ready, do not hesitate to make a confidential enquiry on enigmahealing@carterchemist.co.uk or alternatively make an appointment with Sonali on 01923 825753 or online at www.carterchemist.co.uk.

Together, we can recharge your emotions, transform your life and make spirituality accessible”


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